Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Digital Sculptures-Original Character Designs And Concepts Created By Me. All designs property of Digidemon Sculpture. For inquires, please contact

                          Character designs for original story ideas

WIP statue concept

"Kurrl-Gyre" Original Design WIP
Testing out quick armor designs and accoutrement
Elven warrior female (Obviously)
Wolf Orc Beast design, WIP
More angles

Rough Pose Test, WIP
Original "Wolf orc-ish" design, fleshing out body styles, etc.
Another Body/posture study
Original Werewolf Concept, WIP
A quick Photoshop paint-over added for fun
WIP Bestial warrior from one of my original story concepts
Vampire "wretch"
Different angles to help gauge the overall feel of a design
Having fun working out the mechanics of the mouth of this demon beast
Side views that show the pivot of the mouth

Monday, April 11, 2016

Digital Sculpture- Various Commissions, Personal WIPs, Fan Art & Studies. For inquires, please contact

Miller-ish Batman WIP

Miller-Inspired Batman.

Goliath 3D print
Wolverine WIP

Another Hulk study (Yes, I love Hulk)


 Hulk WIP, orthographic body view
Hulk "Classic style", based on Sal Buscema's art from the early eighties.
Another view of the "Sal Hulk".

Gandalf bust study.

More views of the Gandalf, developed into a full standing figure. WIP

"Jason" caricature, depicting him right after he's dispatched a rival slasher.


The Master
The Master

Conor Closeup

Conor part engineering

Conor 3D printed parts

Papa Emeritus

Engineering of papa parts

Lobo gauntlet and vest study