Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Digital Sculptures-Original Character Designs And Concepts Created By Me. All designs property of Digidemon Sculpture. For inquires, please contact

                    WIP Character designs for original story ideas

Rough statue WIP

Beast warrior, WIP

M'Rok Nith- WIP original desgn

"Elven" warrior, WIP. proxy swords added at the moment,
concepting armor details, etc.

WIP statue concept

"Kurrl-Gyre" Original Design WIP
Testing out quick armor designs and accoutrement, WIP

Wolf orc beast design, WIP
More angles

Rough Pose Test, WIP
Original "Wolf orc-ish beast" design, fleshing out body styles, etc.
Another body/posture study
WIP bestial warrior concept from an original story idea
Vampire "wretch"
Different angles to help gauge the overall design
Working out the mechanics of the mouth of this demon beast
Side views that show the pivot of the mouth

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