Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Digital Sculptures-Original Character Designs And Concepts Created By Me. All designs property of Digidemon Sculpture. For inquires, please contact

                          Character designs for original story ideas

WIP statue concept

"Kurrl-Gyre" Original Design WIP
Testing out quick armor designs and accoutrement
Elven warrior female (Obviously)
Wolf Orc Beast design, WIP
More angles

Rough Pose Test, WIP
Original "Wolf orc-ish" design, fleshing out body styles, etc.
Another Body/posture study
Original Werewolf Concept, WIP
A quick Photoshop paint-over added for fun
WIP Bestial warrior from one of my original story concepts
Vampire "wretch"
Different angles to help gauge the overall feel of a design
Having fun working out the mechanics of the mouth of this demon beast
Side views that show the pivot of the mouth

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